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After more than a decade of first-hand experience within local government, Eileen Weir harnessed her profound understanding of cities and their intricate systems to establish ImpressKC. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled service ensures that you receive undivided attention throughout your project, all at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional avenues. ImpressKC has fostered key relationships that empower us to tackle any challenge head-on. Our roster includes seasoned development attorneys who guarantee streamlined and effective solutions to ensure the successful completion of your project.

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“No firm offers what Eileen does in Kansas City. Her ability to be nimble while providing a robust effort is second to none.”

Tom M. - Clark & Enersen

"Results matter. I like the ability to work with Eileen as if she is a regular member of our team. Eileen helped us make quick progress and now we are seeing good results.”

Paul A. - Colonial Gardens KC

"Eileen is dynamic, community minded, and smart. She’s a well-respected visionary who knows how to get things done.”

Joan I. - Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

“Eileen is an example of making bold decisions. I admire anyone who is willing to give themselves to a larger cause and serve.”

Madison G. - UMKC Student

“Her courage and conviction serves as a reminder that we can all make a difference, no matter how big or small our actions may seem at the time that we take them.”

Mike C. - UMKC Student
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